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By S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD, LLC
May 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: wisdom teeth  

Wisdom teeth--they are those troublesome back molars that appear in the late teens through early twenties, says the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.These third molars are often dysfunctional, causing more harm than good. Oral surgeon, S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD, sees young adults in his Huntsville, AL office who bring complaints of pain, swelling and other serious Wisdom Teethdiscomforts. More often than not, wisdom teeth extraction relieves their symptoms and restores oral health.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth decay easily and subject surrounding hard and soft tissues to health problems--particularly gum disease. Often crowding adjacent teeth and being difficult to clean because of their position in the mouth, wisdom teeth can be painful and even lead to neurological deficits in the facial muscles.

Other difficulties with wisdom teeth include:

  • growing at an acute or even 90-degree angle to adjacent teeth
  • becoming encased in bone or gum tissue (impacted)
  • infection
  • overcrowding a small jaw
  • interfering with orthodontic correction

Some individuals develop persistent halitosis (bad breath), headaches, ear pain, jaw dysfunction and a constant nasty taste in their mouths.

Wisdom Teeth and the Dentist

When a general dentist suspects wisdom teeth issues, he or she will refer the patient to Dr. S. Clint Hudson. Fully-accredited as an oral surgeon, Dr. Hudson performs a comprehensive oral examination on the wisdom tooth patient and also takes x-rays and other kinds of imaging to determine the correct course of action.

If warranted, Dr. Hudson extracts wisdom teeth in his Huntsville, AL office. The individual is kept completely comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.

Sometimes the gums must be incised to extract an impacted tooth, and afterwards, the patient may have some oozing of blood from the extraction site. At home, application of ice to the jaw helps relieve swelling, and over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen alleviates discomfort.

A soft diet for a few days stabilizes the incision site and facilitates healing. Dr. Hudson recommends no drinking through a straw and no smoking for several days. Warm water rinses soothe the area, too.

Get Evaluated

Teens and adults who still retain their wisdom teeth benefit from a thorough evaluation by S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD. Sometimes these tricky molars need simple observation to be sure they don't cause trouble. Contact the office to set-up a personal consultation: (256) 533-1282.