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By S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD, LLC
January 04, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

Learn about how dental implants work and how they can successfully replace missing teeth.

Whether your Huntsville oral surgeon Dr. S. Clint Hudson has already deemed you the ideal candidate for dental implants or you are Implantsjust starting your research it’s important to know as much about a procedure and your potential restoration. Find out how dental implants work to offer a lifelong tooth replacement.

Let’s break down the implant into its simplest parts:

The implant/fixture: This small metal post is the part that is placed into the jawbone. This structure is biocompatible and fuses with the bone and tissue around it to become a permanent structure from which to hold a dental restoration. One implant can be placed into the jawbone to replace a single tooth or several can be inserted throughout the jawbone to replace all of your upper or lower teeth.

The restorative abutment: Some implants come with an abutment already attached but usually this is a two-step process. Once the implant has been inserted and allowed to fully attach to the bone your Huntsville, AL oral surgeon will then open up your gums to place a custom abutment over your implant. The abutment can be made from a variety of different materials like zirconia, titanium or porcelain and its sole purpose is to connect the implant to the dental crown.

Dental restoration: If you are only replacing a single tooth then we will custom design a dental crown based on impressions taken of your smile and then a lab will get to work crafting your new tooth. If you’ve never seen a dental crown before it is designed to both function and look just like the crown of a natural tooth. While some crowns can be made from metal, most patients opt for porcelain crowns because they offer the most natural and realistic look.

If you are replacing more than one tooth, implants can also be used to hold a dental bridge or dentures firmly in place. Many people don’t like how dentures can easily shift around in their mouths, making speaking or chewing a challenge. But with implants securely holding your dental restoration, this problem is no longer an issue.

Dental implants can be a great option for many adults looking to replace one or more missing teeth. If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure then contact your Huntsville oral surgeon today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hudson.