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By S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD, LLC
September 17, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: TMJ  

Here's how oral surgeons like Dr. S. Clint Hudson of Huntsville, AL treat TMJ disorders.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which is typically abbreviated to TMJ, affects roughly 20 to 30 percent of the American population TMJeach year, This makes it one of the most common pain disorders seen by Dr. S. Clint Hudson, your oral surgeon in Huntsville, Alabama. TMJ can be caused by a misaligned jaw, injuries, arthritis; even stress. If you've been diagnosed with TMJ, here's how Dr. Hudson typically treats this condition:

At-home treatments

In many cases, treating TMJ at home with guidance from a professional like your Huntsville oral surgeon can help to relieve the discomfort associated with TMJ. Alternating application of heat from a hot water bottle and ice packs wrapped in a washcloth can manage your pain and restore motion to the area affected by TMJ. Dr. Hudson will also advise you to avoid excessively chewy, sticky or difficult-to-eat foods like apples or corn on the cob. This can overwork your jaw and exacerbate your TMJ symptoms. You may also find relief from relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga.

Non-surgical treatments

Your Huntsville oral surgeon, Dr. S. Clint Hudson, will likely try conservative methods of treatment for TMJ first. This may include jaw exercises to increase mobility or mouthpieces that are worn to hold the jaw in the proper position. Your Huntsville oral surgeon may also prescribe medication in cases of patients whose TMJ is caused by arthritis.

Surgical treatments

After establishing a medical history with your Huntsville oral surgeon, he will evaluate your situation and determine if surgery may offer the best chance at total relief from TMJ. The jaw joint may need to be reshaped or even replaced in some instances.

Don't let TMJ symptoms - jaw pain, decreased movement, and headaches - continue to plague your life. Contact Dr. S Clint Hudson's oral surgery practice in Huntsville, Alabama for an evaluation today!