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Posts for: November, 2017

By S. Clint Hudson DMD, MD, LLC
November 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: tooth extraction  

From dental crowns to root canals, there are various dental procedures for strengthening weak or damaged teeth and improving oral tooth extractionhealth. However, there are some circumstances in which it is best to extract a problem tooth rather than try preserving it. Reasons when an extraction might be necessary include severe tooth damage due to decay or trauma, overcrowding and an impacted wisdom tooth. Dr. Clint Hudson is your oral surgeon in Huntsville, AL, for tooth extraction.

Reasons for Extraction

There are several different reasons for extraction of a permanent tooth. Baby teeth might also require extraction if they do not fall out on their own. In general, permanent teeth are extracted when they cannot be restored. Extracting problem teeth prevents infection or decay from spreading to other areas of the mouth. Your Huntsville, AL, oral surgeon can advise you if extraction is necessary in your case. Reasons for extraction include:

  • Extensive tooth infection and decay that cannot be corrected via root canal therapy.
  • Overcrowding with insufficient room for your existing teeth.
  • Tooth damage or trauma due to injury.
  • An impacted wisdom tooth.

Extraction Procedure

Several steps are involved in a tooth extraction procedure. Once your Huntsville, AL, oral surgeon has confirmed extraction is necessary, the next step is to take an x-ray. The x-ray allows the oral surgeon to view the positioning of any tooth roots, as well as the health and condition of the nearby bone. Viewing these items in advance helps the oral surgeon anticipate potential complications that might arise during the extraction procedure. Local anesthesia and a sedative are typically administered to minimize pain and discomfort while the tooth is extracted.

An oral surgeon can evaluate your problem teeth and determine whether or not extraction is necessary. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hudson, your Huntsville, AL, oral surgeon, call the oral surgery office at (256) 533-1282.